‘Takers’ takes on Monday Box Office


Monday Daily Box Office Rally

067148H1.jpgFirst Place – Takers‘ takes the top spot at the Monday box office with $1.7 million after a photo finish for the weekend with ‘The Last Exorcism’ as the Paul Walker ensemble heist drama enjoys $22.2 million in its savings account.

Second Place – ‘The Last Exorcism‘ scares up a devilish $1.3 million in its fourth day of release against a total of $21.7 million after a roller-coaster ride of a weekend that saw its fortunes rise on Friday and drop on Saturday and Sunday.  The film was reported as number one for the weekend when the estimates were released and became number two with a mere $145,691 between it and the eventual weekend winner ‘Takers.” 

Third Place – ‘The Expendables‘ has earned its tough-guy status with a $915k haul on Monday and a domestic total of $82.9 million after 18 days of release.  The film should eventually become the 13th $100 million movie of the summer

Box Office News Flash: Sony’s ‘The Other Guys‘ should become 12th summer movie to cross $100 million on Tuesday.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Monday, August 30, 2010:

Movie Title Monday Gross Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1.   Takers

$1.75M 2,206 $797 $22.26M
2.  The Last Exorcism $1.35M 2,874

$471 $21.72M
3.   The Expendables

$915k 3,398 $269 $82.95M
4.   Eat Pray Love $804k 3,108

$259 $61.33M
5.   The Other Guys

$636k 3,181

$200 $99.65M
6.   Inception   

$514k 2,070

$248 $271.0M
7.   Piranha 3D

$463k 2491

$186 $18.73M
8.   The Switch  

$451k 2,017 $224 $12.27M
9.   Nanny McPhee Returns

$434k 2,798 $155 $17.42M
10. Avatar: Special Edition

$420k 812

$517 $754.2M
11. Vampires Suck

$395k 3,233

$122 $28.2M
12. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World $305k 1,566 $195 $26.47M

*Monday daily box office numbers provided by Hollywood.com Box Office.

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