Tales From Dell City, Texas | 2012

Once a thriving farm and ranch town, Dell City, Texas has been in a long, slow decline. Just a few hundred stubborn souls remain committed to living in what was once their desert oasis.
Director: Josh Carter
Writers: N/A
Stars: N/A


Philofilm Productions

Production Company


On a lonely stretch of Texas highway, a rusty billboard declares "Dell City - The Valley of Hidden Waters". Once a thriving town of several thousand, Dell City is down to a few hundred stubborn souls committed to life in a tough desert oasis. Like much of rural America, Dell City has experienced a long, slow decline that continues unabated. The film paints a complex and charming portrait of the people who remain in Dell City. Mostly at ease in their choice to live in such a remote and challenging environment, they face an uncertain future with humor and determination.