Tarsem Singh Lands ‘Snow White’

TarsemWho would win in a fight between Snow White and Snow White? Okay, let’s differentiate them a bit. In one corner we have Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, which has potentially landed Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron as leads. But The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Hollywood that Relativity just signed Tarsem Singh (who likes to pull a Madonna and Cher and be referred to just as Tarsem) to direct their adaptation of the Brothers Grimm classic.

Now Tarsem is an astounding visual director. Two of his previous films (The Fall and The Cell) are simply amazing in terms of pure visual spectacle. When so many directors today rely on warm blues and oranges, his films seem are on an entirely different plane of existence. It’s almost like looking at a delicious cake. The thing looks so good you don’t want to eat it, but that has never really stopped me before. Tarsem also directed next year’s the Clash of the Titans wannabe, The Immortals, but with his track record and style I think it will find itself far and away the better film.

The story also gives me some shivers. Based more on the traditional fairy tale than the diluted Disney version, this one finds Snow White leading an army of seven dwarfs to retake her kingdom which her wicked step-mother had overtaken by treachery. Sounds a lot better than she falls asleep after eating an apple, doesn’t it? I’ll take a better story and a stunning director over singing animation or hot shot stars any day of the week. Except Thursday. I seem to make bad decisions on Thursdays.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter