Taylor Lautner in ‘Grown-Ups 2’: Can He Do Comedy? (‘Twilight’ Doesn’t Count)

Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner can do young adult fiction, and pretty darn well — he has a literal team of supporters to back that statement up. But now that The Twilight Saga is reaching a close with the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 2, Lautner needs to start looking for a new cinematic niche. His recent addition to the Grown Ups 2 cast suggests he’s heading to comedy.

But how will Lautner fare? His 2009 performance on Saturday Night Live proved forgettable, but that isn’t necessarily a testament to his comic chops in the medium of film. To date, he has never really handled a true comedic movie. He had a small role in the family film Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and a love story in the lighthearted rom-com Valentine’s Day, but the developing sequel to Happy Madison’s 2010 celebration of the mid-’90s SNL cast (and Kevin James) will be Lautner’s first big screen foray into slapstick, gross-out humor and true, blue goofiness.

Well, intentional goofiness. Just try and forget about Abduction.

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