Tea Leoni Joins ‘Tower Heist’

Tea LeoniAs we have reported on seemingly ad nauseum, someone else has joined the cast of Brett Ratner’s Tower Heist. Now we’ll get to see Tea Leoni and Nina Arianda join the likes of Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Alan Alda, Gabourey Sidibe and Michael Pena. This is turning out to be the most eclectic cast outside of… well, anything.

Leoni is a true class act. I really like everything she has been in, which includes but is not limited to Fun with Dick and Jane and Ghost Town. Wait, actually that is limited to those two movies. Those are the only two films I’ve seen of hers. But they were both good! As for Nina Arianda, well, on IMDB three of her four listed movies are in post production and I haven’t seen the the fourth, so she’s a great choice! She’s amazing! Also she’s pretty cute. I approve!

And because the plot of the movie hasn’t changed, I’m just going to copy and paste my summary of the movie from when I last wrote about it. Which was Tuesday. Anyway, as I said before “these two join the cast as employees of a major residential building who discover their pensions have been swindled by the boss who lives in the penthouse upstairs. And like any dissed employees, they complain to the Better Business Bureau. Just kidding, they hatch a plan to take care of the guy himself.” Funny the first time I wrote, funny the second time I copy and pasted it.

Source: Variety