‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’: Everything’s Bigger in Texas (and 3D) — POSTER

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise’s first foray into 3D cinema will likely be its biggest endeavor yet. Obviously, no installment thus far has overshadowed the cultural impact of the 1974 original. But Texas Chainsaw 3D could easily up the ante on the thrill factor for which the series is known.

The application of 3D to big screen ventures is, and will for a long while be, a contested practice. Some critics believe it detracts from the artistry, or acts solely for the purposes of money-grabbing. But when it comes to a just-for-fun horror flick like the Chainsaws, a third dimension will feel right at home.

The jump scares and shocks will enhance with a new depth and immersion; as you can tell from the new poster below and the one released earlier this season, just because Texas Chainsaw 3D has dropped “massacre” from its title, it doesn’t mean its cutting back on the grim and gruesome.

The latest massacre will hit theaters Jan. 4.

Texas Chainsaw 3D Poster

[Photo Credit: Lionsgate]


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