‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’ Is Still Happening

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’ Is Still Happening

Leatherface takes position in New Line Cinema's upcoming film "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

texas chainsaw massacre*sigh* Of course this was going to happen. The only thing surprising about the fact that Lionsgate Films is moving forward with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise in 3D is the fact that it’s taken the studio this long to do it. Helming the Massacre this time will be Takers director John Luessenhop, while Lionsgate and Nu Image will handle domestic distribution and foreign sale, respectively.

Let’s just go ahead and let them have their fun. This will undoubtedly make a butt load of money thanks to inflated 3D prices (which is totally unjustifiable) and will likely spawn even more sequels for the series. Unless we collectively rise up as a society and reject this movie. We demand higher quality, not just three dimensions and cheap remakes of brands that we’re already conscious of. Every time we pay to see a film like this we’re telling the studios we want more of this and less of everything else we’re not buying. Use your dollar to vote and tell them that we demand something better! Something smart! Something with heart! Something with a guy in a leather mask chopping up people with a chainsaw in 3D! Oh wait, that’s what this movie is about? Right on, bro!

Source: Lionsgate Films