That Third ‘Bridget Jones’ Movie Is Actually In The Works

Renee ZellwegerAccording to Helen Fielding, writer of the beloved and equally bemoaned Bridget Jones book and film series, Miss Jones will be back for a third turn, both in text and onscreen. Great?

Did anyone else suffer through Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason? Did anyone else think it was one of the most painful 90 minutes of their movie-going lives? The first Bridget Jones was cute. It was hopeful. It let chick flick lovers feel like even if you are a complete bumbling idiot, you can nab Colin Firth because he gets it. It worked. Then she came back for more, making the same mistakes again with Hugh Grant’s lout of a character, getting caught with drugs in Thailand and needing rescue from Mark Darcy and his expert lawyering, and being jealous of a gorgeous woman only to find she’s a lesbian and she somehow fell in love with Bridget. What?! No. Why. In the books, the references to Fielding’s inspiration, Pride and Prejudice, were a little more obvious, but when translated into a big ol’ rom-com, it becomes cartoonish blabbering. So yes, by all means, please make another one.

But don’t worry guys. Fielding’s got this, or at least that’s what she tells E!’s Marc Malkin. She said, “You know, the challenge is to make it really good, because I’ve waited a long time before doing anything else with Bridget…I want it to be quite honest and mean something and be really good and funny.” Yes, Helen. That is the challenge. Especially considering the second film only served to give Bridget the same happy ending…again. I mean all that’s left to tell now is a freaking Bridget Jones wedding where she’ll undoubtedly rip her dress and expose her arse, fall into her own wedding cake and some other ridiculous obstacle like a chocolate fountain, and Darcy will stand over her and say how that’s what he loves about her. I guess Renee Zellweger had better stop hitting the gym and start hitting the doughnut shop. It should be over, but apparently, it so isn’t. Bollocks.

Source: E!