The 2012 Fall Movie Schedule


ALTWith the cool autumnal breezes rolling in, so too are Hollywood’s biggest, award-hopeful films. Regardless of whether or not it is actually fall quite yet, the little kiddies are back at school, pumpkin spice is being added to everything, and there are only a few days left until staring wistfully at your sweater and scarf collection becomes a summer memory, and wearing becomes the reality. So to prepare us all for the glorious days of movie-watching ahead of us, we’ve broken it all down for you. So start saving your pennies, coordinate schedules with your film buff buddies and take a bite out of the tasty cinematic offerings that are ripe for the picking. It’s like an apple orchard, but glitzier!

Check out the line-up below and get more picks tailored to your tastes in our Fall Movie Guide!


September 14

Finding Nemo 3D: A re-release of the popular Pixar film, this time in 3D!

Resident Evil: Retribution: The fighting against the Umbrella Corporation and all those pesky undead continues!

10 Years: A high school reunion with Channing Tatum and Friends.

Arbitrage: Hedge-funder in trouble: a ponzi scheme gone awry. Bernie Madoff-y, huh? The horror, the horror!

Bangkok Revenge: An emotionless war machine returns to the place where his parents were killed to exact … (you guessed it!) revenge.

Brawler: Brothers! Betrayal! Fight clubs! New Orleans! A battle to the death!

Step Up to the Plate: A cooking documentary about father/son culinary duo the Bras.

Liberal Arts: Lost 30something, a girl named Zibby, and love. But in college.

The Master: The hotly-anticipated Scientology-but-not film from P.T. Anderson.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Stephen Chbosky’s classic young adult novel comes to life.

Stolen: A Nicholas Cage film about a daughter locked in a taxi’s trunk.

The Trouble with the Truth: A failed marriage reconsidered, now with Lea Thompson!

September 19

Radio Unnameable: Documentary about legendary New York City disc jockey Bob Fass who pioneered free expression on the airwaves with his long running program of the same name.

Tears of Gaza: A war documentary that follows three children through war and the period after ceasefire.

September 21

Dredd: An action/sci-fi/thriller about fighting a drug war in a big futuristic city. In 3D!

End of Watch: A routine traffic stop gone really, really bad.

House at the End of the Street: Katniss Jennifer Lawrence becomes a scream queen.

17 Girls: A Belgian teen pregnancy pact film!

About Cherry: James Franco is the boyfriend of a porn star, and Dev Patel probably loves her?

Backwards: Life for an Olympic hasbeen-turned-coach is tough.

The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best: Brooklyn boys form a band.

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel: A documentary about the life and work of the influential fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar, Diana Vreeland.

The Other Son: A French film about two young men–an Israeli and Palestinian–who discover they were accidentally switched at birth.

Head Games: A sports documentary to uncover the truth about the consequences of head injuries.

How to Survive a Plague: AIDS documentary about the activism that stopped the disease from being a death sentence.

My Uncle Rafael: A comedy about a reality show!

The War of the Buttons: A French film about kid gangs and a Jewish girl in danger of being discovered by the Nazis in occupied France, comes to the states.

Trouble with the Curve: Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake make a baseball movie! Now get off my damn lawn.

Unconditional: Two childhood friends reconnect after many years and sad stories to exact revenge on the woman’s husband’s murderer.

You May Not Kiss the Bride: A pet photographer (seriously) has to marry Katharine McPhee’s Croatian bride character. Warning: zany!

September 28

Hotel Transylvania: Adam Sandler is Dracula in an animated kids’ film.

Looper: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis play one guy who has to kill himself, from the future. Mob stuff! Time travel!

The Barrens: The Jersey Devil of the state’s Pine Barrens is hunting Stephen Moyer, you guys!

Bringing Up Bobby: Bill Pullman is in a family comedy written by Famke Janssen.

Won’t Back Down: A serious drama about poor moms trying to do right by their kid’s education.

The Other Dream Team: A documentary about the 1992 Lithuanian basketball team who got help from the Grateful Dead (seriously) to win at the Barcelona Olympics.

Starbuck: A sperm donor gets sued by the 142 kids he helped conceive. Yikes!


October 5

Butter: A comedy about a butter-carving prodigy. Do you need to know anything else?

Frankenweenie: A kid who just wants his dead dog to be…ALIIIIIIVE!

Sinister: Creepy horror flick with Ethan Hawke about a true-crime novelist who discovers footage revealing why a family was murdered in his new home. Sleep tight!

Taken 2: Liam Neeson will find you, and he will hunt you down, and he will kill you. Again!

Wuthering Heights: Another film version of the Emily Bronte novel.

Decoding Deepak: A documentary about Deepak Chopra by his son.

The Oranges: Hugh Laurie has an affair with his best friend’s daughter in New Jersey. Woopsies!

The Paperboy: Yes, this is the movie where Zac Efron gets peed on by Nicole Kidman. It’s also about a reporter and a death row inmate.

Pitch Perfect: A capella girls get funky thanks to singing 90s R&B tunes. But funny!

V/H/S: All they wanted to do was steal a video tape, and now they’re living a horror film! Everyone’s worst nightmare, right?

Wake in Fright: An Australian drama thriller about a man named John Grant and a rough outback town called Bundanyabba, and what happens when the two meet.

October 12

Argo: Ben Affleck knows that the real way to free six Americans in Iran is by pretending to film a movie! Chris Messina’s also in it, with Bryan Cranston, so it seems like a no-brainer here.

Here Comes the Boom: Kevin James is a high school biology teacher who wants to become mixed-martial arts fighter. You know, to save his school! Natch.

3, 2, 1… Frankie Go Boom: A comedy about drugs and humilation.

Atlas Shrugged: Part II: Atlas Shrugged…again!

Least Among Saints: A roughed-up soldier and a boy from a broken home strike up an unlikely friendship.

Middle of Nowhere: A movie about finding yourself while your husband’s in jail.

Nobody Walks: Quick! Lena Dunham made something! It’s about a young artist! Everybody dissect it!

Seven Psychopaths: Pretty much everybody good is in this movie about a struggling screenwriter whose friends kidnap a gangster’s Shih Tzu.

Simon & The Oaks: A Swedish WWII coming-of-age film.

Smashed: A marriage built on booze struggles when the wife gets sober.

Stories We Tell: A Sarah Polley documentary about looking back at familial events.

October 19

Paranormal Activity 4: Some mean ghosts do some f**ked up scary s**t to a new family. This time it involves the neighbors!

Alex Cross: A detective vows to track down the killer of his family.

The First Time: A romcom about high school kids. And probably doing it.

Killing Them Softly: Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta in a mob film. Is there anything else you need to know?

That’s What She Said: New York City lady misadventures that are NOT about Michael Scott, apparently.

Yogawoman: A documentary about…yoga! The title’s so misleading, isn’t it?

October 26

The Big Wedding: Oh look! Katherine Heigl’s in another movie about a wedding. This time with Diane Keaton and Robert DeNiro.

Fun Size: A big Halloween party! A baby who must be watched! Johnny Knoxville. Somebody call the shenanigans police!

Chasing Mavericks: A surfer movie with Gerard Butler. Hang ten, etc.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D: Gory alternate reality. In 3D!

Citadel: An agoraphobic dad and renegade priest team up to save his daughter from a gang of feral kids. So…not about a military school in South Carolina then.

Cloud Atlas: The three hour epic with every actor ever in the world telling intertwined stories across millennia.

The Loneliest Planet: A backpacking film with Gael Garcia Bernal in the wilds of Georgia (not the state).

Sleep Tight: A Spanish horror film about how safe you really are at home. Yep, sleep tight indeed.

The Sessions: The heartwarming story of a man on an iron lung who just wants to get laid … with the help of his priest and a sex therapist.

October 31

On The Road: That Jack Kerouac novel-turned-movie with Kristen Stewart


November 2

Flight: Robert Zemeckis directs Denzel Washington, John Goodman and Don Cheadle in a film about a plane crash.

The Man with the Iron Firsts: Eli Roth and RZA make a really bloody movie about a blacksmith in China.

Wreck-It Ralph: A video arcade game baddie just wants to be good, you guys!

This Must Be the Place: Sean Penn does his best Robert Smith impression while trying to hunt down a Nazi.

High Ground: A documentary about the emotional journey of a team of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans as they climb a mountain in the Himalayas.

Jack and Diane: A girl’s awakened sexual desire for another girl makes her maybe become a werewolf. Seriously.

A Late Quartet: A famous string quartet gets too big for their britches to the point of potential self-destruction. Oh, and Christopher Walken’s in it.

November 9

Lincoln: One of the many Abraham Lincoln movies being made, this time with Daniel Day-Lewis and no slaying of vampires.

Skyfall: The next installment of Daniel Craig’s James Bond empire.

Nature Calls: A hijacked boy scout trip to remember? Sounds super-wacky!

November 16

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2: This needs no description. C’mon.

Anna Karenina: Because Keira Knightley cannot go three months without making an epic period piece. This time based on the Tolstoy novel.

Rust and Bone: A Belgian film with Marion Cotillard that involves a killer whale accident and a love story.

November 21

Rise of the Guardians: A children’s animated film about Jack Frost and saving the kids of the world from an evil spirit named Pitch.

Red Dawn: A remake of the 1984 film about a group of teenagers saving their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.

Life of Pi: Based on the best-selling novel is the story of a boy named Pi and his shipwrecked companions. Mainly a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a Bengal tiger.

Silver Linings Playbook: A feel-good holiday drama about two messed up people teaming up to make good.

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