‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Is The Web-Slinger’s New Title!


I guess they couldn’t get away with just calling it Spider-Man since the original trilogy took that title. And Marc Webb’s Spider-Man sounds too cheesy. But never fear, we have about 5 billion years worth of comics to look through for inspiration and they finally give us…

The Amazing Spider-Man!

Wait, seriously? Amazing? That’s the best we get? They didn’t have a thesaurus around? I mean, it makes sense considering Spidey was originally known as the Amazing Spider-Man, but still? Amazing ain’t exactly amazing any more. My how the times have changed!

Anyway, we also have the first official picture of Andrew Garfield in costume and you’re just going to have to take Sony Pictures word for it because there is absolutely no way of knowing if the production company/distributor is telling the truth or not. We’ll play along for now and say that yep, Garfield does look good in the Spidey suit. I can’t be the only one who would rather see what Emma Stone looks like in this film, right? Sure a dressed up superhero is cool and all, but she dyed her hair blond! That has to be worth at least an official photo or something.

Thoughts Spidey-heads? Does it make your spider senses tingle?

Andrew Garfield Spiderman

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment