The American Counter-Invasion!

With the recent announcement that Henry Cavill would portray Clark Kent/Superman in the sixth feature film featuring the Man of Steel, it was widely noted that the three biggest superheroes – Superman, Batman and Spider-Man – are all currently being played Brits (with Christian Bale and Andrew Garfield taking the last two roles, respectively).

As true red-white-and-blue-blooded ‘Mericans, we have something to say about that! We’re actually cool with it; those three guys are fine actors that will make great superheroes. But we do have a problem with jobs designed for Americans taken by foreigners who can do a decent American accent! And if the Brits can take our superheroes then we’re going to take classic British characters and put some Americans in them! After all, it worked for Sherlock Holmes.

Jon Hamm James BondJon Hamm as James Bond

I once read an article that compared James Bond to Indiana Jones as the two iconic roles for actors across the pond. Bond represented everything “British” – suave, quiet, efficient and good looking in a good tux. Jones is the quintessential American hero – rough and scruffy with a screw-you attitude all the way to the booby-trapped bank. Hamm could do both. Who else in America could pull off the charm, deadliness and sleekness of 007 better than the Hamm? No one. After all, Mad Men pretty much shows what would’ve happened to Bond had he gone into advertising instead of espionage. Look at this picture that creator Ian Fleming commissioned for a comic book featuring his character. It’s like Fleming had a vision and saw Hamm (now THAT’S a sexy vision). How can any other American be 007?

Max Records Harry PotterMax Records as Harry Potter

Don’t even think for a second that they won’t remake Harry Potter eventually. It will only be five years between the new Spider-Man reboot and the dreadful last chapter, so just go ahead and preparing yourself for the inevitable. Max Records will probably be too old for the part when it becomes available again, but if it were casting now he’d be the perfect American choice. Based on his performance in Where the Wild Things Are alone he has everything Harry needs. He’s innocent and unassuming, but that hides deep pain beneath the surface. He can explode at any moment in a burst of exuberance and he definitely has the potential to grow into the man Harry becomes. Plus, just look at this picture from WTWTA. How can you not see Harry in there? Throw a lightening scar on him and give him a wand!

Lee Pace Doctor WhoLee Pace as Doctor Who

As much as it pains me to write this, the Doctor is an iconic British role that I have to Americanize. Considering the fact that each actor has brought his own interpretation to the role, I can’t just pick someone who could imitate Matt Smith or David Tennant well. Therefore I had to think “Who would bring something unique to the role, something that hasn’t been seen before?” Which led me to Lee Pace. As the Doctor, Pace would have the same basic demeanor as Ned from Pushing Daisies but not quite as love-struck or shy. He would be quiet, but would speak quickly like Smith’s eleventh doctor. I see him as a happier Ninth doctor but also walking around with his hands behind his back, again like in Pushing Daisies. Pace’s Doctor would above all else be wise, focusing more on the mentor aspect of the character rather than the adventurer. I’m actually really excited about Pace playing the Doctor. As soon as Smith steps down, I say we get Pace in the TARDIS.