‘The American’ Director Adapting ‘A Most Wanted Man’

Anton CorbijnAnton Corbijn, the director of 2010’s international assassin thriller The American, treads close to territory with the adaptation of A Most Wanted Man by John Le Carre. The bestselling novel concerns the efforts of an ex-prisoner from Chechnya to avoid apprehension by the British and German secret services while residing in Hamburg. Developing the story in screenplay form is writer Andrew Bovell, whose resume includes the Mel Gibson thriller, Edge of Darkness, and the upcoming drama A View from the Bridge.

A Most Wanted Man is being produced by the growing Amusement Park Films, which will also be responsible for another novel adaptation: Stain on the Snow (written by George Simenon), a coming-of-age crime novel. David MacKenzie, whose recent credits include Perfect Sense, a science fiction epidemic story, and the comedy You Instead, will direct.

Source: Variety