‘The American’ still leads Box Office

Tuesday Daily Box Office Rally

085873H1.jpgAfter winning the Labor Day weekend box office race, George Clooney continues to top the chart on Tuesday.  However Danny Trejo is snapping at his heels in a close second place finish that puts ‘Machete’ only $66,662 behind ‘The American.”

First Place – ‘The American‘ takes the top spot at the Tuesday box office with $1.073 million in its seventh day of release as it approaches $21 million in domestic receipts.

Second Place – ‘Machete‘ slices off another $1.012 million on Tuesday and thus brings its domestic total to $15.1 million after five days of release.

Third Place

– ‘Takers‘ is still hanging in there after twelve days with a Tuesday gross of $778,411 and a domestic cumulative of $40.76 million in stolen revenue.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Tuesday, September 7, 2010:

Movie Title Tuesday Gross Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1.   The American

$1.07M 2,823 $380 $20.88M
2.  Machete $1.01M 2,670

$379 $15.11M
3.   Takers

$778k 2,206

$353 $40.76M
4.   Going the Distance

$616k 3,030

$203 $9.12M
5.   The Expendables

$497k 3,398

$146 $9438M
6.   Eat Pray Love   $484k 2,663

$182 $70.76M
7.   The Last Exorcism

$447k 2,874

$256 $33.97M
8.   The Other Guys  

$338k 2,607 $130 $108.5M
9.   Inception

$329k 1,704 $193 $278.79M
10. The Switch

$253k 1,885

$134 $22.54M
11. Piranha 3D

$202k 1,789

$113 $23.3M
12. Avatar: Special Edition $182k 812

$225 $758.43M

*Tuesday daily box office numbers provided by Hollywood.com Box Office.

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