The Animal Project | 2012

Drama, Comedy
An unorthodox acting teacher attempts to push a group of eager young performers out of their comfort zones, while struggling with his own ability to live an authentic and fulfilling life with his teenage son.


pUNK FILMS (Canada)

Production Company


Leo is a mid-30s widower, single parent, and struggling acting teacher. His relationship with his teenage son is rocky, and he is dissatisfied with his everyday life. So, after he has an unusual and inspiring dream, he decides to shake things up by having the group of actors he teaches do something called "The Animal Project" -- in order to obliterate their comfort zones, they will all don furry mascot suits and become "animals" in the real world. It is a long, rainy night, and not everything goes as planned. But in the process of opening themselves up to the unknown, each participant in The Animal Project not only learns something about themselves, but also has the chance to grow a little bit.