The ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ Trailer Is Finally Here

All aboard the hype train.

Just when you start saying how can Marvel top that, this comes out. A lot had to develop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Characters, powers, acquiring Spider-Man, space travel, interdimensional travel, establishing the infinity stones, and the hardest thing, convincing super fans that they could do it.

But here we are. The trailer has dropped.

It kind of has everything, yet feels like there’s still much to show. Spidey-sense kicking in, the return of Cap to the Avengers (with a bad ass line from Black Panther). Characters finally meeting each other that haven’t done that before. Thanos feels like the all-powerful being that he is. The freaking Guardians of the Galaxy showing up for the post trailer scene (that’s a thing now?). It’s the kind of trailer that almost makes you want to go back and watch the past movies just so you can appreciate it more. No sign of Ant-Man (he has his own movie with the Wasp).


Avengers: Infinity War releases May 4, 2018

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