10 Movie Moments To Get You Back-To-School Ready

It’s hard to believe summer is already coming to an end, and with the seasonal change comes the harsh reality of going back to school. Sure hitting the books sounds like torture compared to hanging by the pool with your BFFs, but a new school year cannot be stopped. To make things a little bit easier, we’ve found the best back-to-school movie moments to get you pumped for class, extra curricular activities, and maybe even a cute new crush!

1. Mean Girls – When Cady first meets the plastics:

Being a new kid in school can be tough, especially when it comes to making new friends. Cady’s first meeting of the plastics is a classic example of how making new friends can change your entire school year experience!

2. Fast Times At Ridgemont High – When Spiccoli ordered a pizza during class:

Sometimes lunch seems like a million hours away. While pulling a Jeff Spiccoli by ordering pizza to world history class sounds delicious and funny, this kind of prank would likely land you in the principal’s office!

3. 10 Things I Hate About You – When Kat got extra sassy with her teacher:

Do you have a sassy attitude like, Kat Stratford? If the answer is yes, then you can relate to her teacher’s hilarious skepticism over her excitement to do an assignment.

4. Can’t Hardly Wait – When Preston gets all doe-eyed thinking about his crush:

The most exciting thing about a new school year is the prospect of new faces and new crushes! Preston Meyer’s recollection of meeting his dream crush, Amanda Beckett, is all you need to get the excited feels for new love in your life!

5. Pitch Perfect – When the Barden Bellas went hard in the Riff-Off:

One of the fun things about getting back to school is joining a club with a group you can safely call “your people.” The Bellas banding together for the ever famous riff-off is proof enough that your back-to-school crew can be the ultimate in cool.

6. Easy A – When Olive discussed things that aren’t Facebook worthy with her teacher:

We all love social media and sharing every second of our lives with the world. This LOL scene between Olive and Mr. Griffith about a Facebook status is not only totally relatable, but a reminder that not everything is worth sharing.

7. Clueless – When Cher tried to get out of gym class:

Cher Horowitz complaining about Physical Education being totally pointless is something most of us who don’t want to sweat can relate to. It’s trying to justify a reason to be excused that presents the real problem.

8. Napoleon Dynamite – When Napoleon handled hearing about Pedro and his ex well:

Crushing on someone else’s former crush can cause drama, but Napoleon Dynamite handles it in stride when his ex-gf sparks with his new BFF Pedro.

9. Pretty In Pink – When Ducky ventured to the dark side of the girl’s bathroom:

Who hasn’t wondered what it looks like in the bathroom of the opposite sex? This could be the year you venture in like Ducky did and see for yourself!

10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – When Ferris explained how to fake a sick day:

There’s no such thing as a school year without figuring out a way fake a sick day at home. Ferris’ lesson on how to fool your parents is spot on and good for an emergency, “I need a day off!”