‘The Blind Side’ Director To Helm ‘Electric Boy Genius’

John Lee HancockOh boy, this bit of news could not be more tailored against my tastes, unless it came alive and punched me in the mouth. I had absolutely zero interest in seeing The Blind Side and just about as much interest in hearing that its director, John Lee Hancock, has signed with the new Disney film Electric Boy Genius. Apparently Disney is having some sour grapes that they passed on The Blind Side (which makes sense, the film seems fit to a T for Disney) and nabbed Hancock quickly. Also the film follows this boy genius who is gifted with dealing with electricity.

Oh boy. Let me contain my excitement. And… done.

Instead, let’s turn our focus on to more pressing matters…like the fact that it is ridiculously cold in the office right now. Like holy hell, I’m wearing a hat and looking ridiculous. Also I need a hair cut. All these things are far more interesting than the director of The Blind Side making a movie about an electric nerd. Ooh, that would actually be a cool movie. Nerds build a robot that totally starts destroying at their favorite stuff. Like the bot starts killing them on WoW and D&D, outsmarts them at every turn, and basically takes over them. And since nerds are the smartest kids around, they’re left to devise a way in outsmarting their smartest creation. BOOM, better movie. Someone pay me a million dollars, I’ll give you the rights. Zac Efron is attached to star.

Source: Variety