‘The Bling Ring’ Is Emma Watson’s Toned Down ‘Spring Breakers’ — TRAILER

The Bling Ring

By now, you’ve waded through a sea of Spring Breakers trailers, images, and Academy Award campaigns. You’ve decided that you’re either fascinated or supremely weirded out by Harmony Korine’s subversive new film, which sticks Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens amidst an array of nightmarish acts of crime and cruelty. For those of you who are teetering on the edge between interested and horrified, The Bling Ring might be more your speed.

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Writer/director Sofia Coppola has adapted the true story of a group of upper class California teenagers who took to home burglary in 2007, allegedly seeking excitement, friendship, and notoriety in the acts of transgression. Leading the pack in the movie is Emma Watson… a dangerous choice, as she can make any act of youthful devilry seem sympathetic.

Check out the pulsating trailer below — the film hits American theaters in June.

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[Photo Credit: A24 Films]

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