The ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Trailer Twists the Horror Formula

Warning: after watching the first trailer for the long-delayed but much anticipated The Cabin in the Woods, the directorial debut of Lost and Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard, I can honestly say that I feel as some of the spark may have been spoiled by the spot. The horror trailer touts that you “think you know the story,” (which you probably think you do), then proceeds to explain why you have absolutely no idea what this story has up its sleeves by showing you what feels like the big twist.

So, long story short, watch at your own risk!

The movie stars Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly and a couple of people you won’t see in the trailer, including Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford. The movie’s “twist,” an origin that is hinted at in the trailer, opens Pandora’s box for some truly insane mayhem. For those who’ve read Gary Paulsen’s The River, you probably know where the story is going.

Watch the trailer below and check out the movie’s first poster, which matches the video’s mind-bending qualities.