‘The Canyons’ Fails at SXSW: 10 Other Times Lindsay Lohan Has Been Rejected

Lindsay Lohan's Canyons Rejected by SXSW

Turns out good publicity from bad publicity could only last so long. Less than two weeks after The New York Times released their much-discussed play-by-play from the disastrous set of Lindsay Lohan‘s upcoming film, The Canyons, the Paul Schrader-directed film has been dealt its first post-Lohan setback. (We designate it that specifically, as there were many, many pre-Lohan setbacks, according to the Times piece.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the nudity-fueled film co-starring porn star James Deen — which was host to many of Lohan’s breakdowns and professional misbehavior — has been rejected by SXSW, with a source citing “quality issues.” “It’s got an ugliness and deadness to it,” an “insider” tells Hollywood Reporter. (SXSW has not yet responded to Hollywood.com’s request for comment.)

Of course, this hardly marks Lohan’s first setback. In fact, since 2007, the actress has been rejected at least 10 times from various projects. In 2007, she was let go of The Edge of Love and Poor Things following a stint in rehab and her infamous DUI arrest; in 2008, her guest role in Ugly Betty was cut short following rumors of rumbles on the set, while the Obama campaign rejected her desire to get involved in his election; in 2009, the actress’ comeback film Labor Pains was rejected from theatrical release and Lohan’s panned Ungaro line from fashion elite; in 2010, Lohan was fired from her role as Linda Lovelace in Inferno and her Underground Comedy 2010 rejected by distributors; and in 2011, Donald Trump deemed Lohan too troubled to star alongside the likes of Gary Busey and LaToya Jackson in Celebrity Apprentice.

Fans of the actress can still hope for a Robert Downey Jr.-esque comeback, but it’s a safe bet The Canyons won’t allow her to climb out of the D-list abyss.

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