Finally, a New Trailer for the Lindsay Lohan Porn Movie ‘The Canyons’!

Finally, a New Trailer for the Lindsay Lohan Porn Movie ‘The Canyons’!

The Canyons
The Canyons Lindsay Lohan

Like Christmas when you’re a kid, true love when you’re an adult, or God when you’re a Samuel Beckett character, the developing Lindsay Lohan movie The Canyons has seemed infinitely out of reach. Delays in finding a studio home have left us without the big screen love child of transgressive author Bret Easton Ellis and Hollywood legend Paul Schrader (the man who wrote Taxi Driver). But finally — and this gratitude comes mainly out of morbid curiosity — we get a legitimate taste of the new film in a new trailer. And it looks… um…

Credit: IFC

… damnit, we were hoping we’d think of a nice way to say it by the time you reached the bottom of that picture. But no. No amount of club music, flashing lights, or behemoth title fonts can get us really optimistic for this new venture, which lands Lohan’s character in the midst of a budding career as a porn star (playing opposite Lohan is real life porn star James Deen).

So now that we finally have The Canyons, at least in trailer form, were all our hopes, or dreads, validated? Find out (or run for the hills) on Aug. 2.

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