‘The Carol Burnett Show’ on DVD: Steve Martin Welcomes Alien Invaders! — EXCLUSIVE

The Carol Burnett ShowThe Carol Burnett Show offered the viewing public a vast arrangement of popular recurring sketches, poking fun at everything from classic movies, TV commercials, and (of course) soap operas. The latter found special attention from the staple sketch “As the Stomach Turns,” a send-up of all of the soap opera tropes and follies of the time. On the sketch, Carol Burnett played promiscuous thirtysomething Marion, whose life was filled with all the outlandish and absurd hijinks that could only happen on a soap opera. These odd turns of events would range from the simply implausible to those completely out of the realm of possibility: such as the alien invasion in the video below.

In this featurette, Burnett herself introduces a clip from one particularly memorable installment of “As the Stomach Turns,” featuring guest star Steve Martin as an extraterrestrial enthusiast, parodying Richard Dreyfuss’ role in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The buildup is funny enough, but when the alien does finally rear his head (and quite the head it is), the cast and studio audience are barely able to contain themselves.

This video comes from the new The Carol Burnett Show: Carol’s Favorites DVD set, which you can find here.


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