The Cast Of ‘The 9th Life Of Louis Drax’ Explain Their Movie In Video Interview


Summit Entertainment’s ‘The 9th Life Of Louis Drax’ has a lot going on it.

Louis Drax (Aiden Longworth) was a happy kid who fell off a cliff. Louis was declared dead, but 2 hours later, he was alive but in a coma. The doctor, Dr. Allan Pascal (Dornan), became very invested in this case and wanted to find out more about the child. The mother, Natalie (Gadon) tried to cooperate and tell him that the boy’s father Peter (Paul) became violent. That’s when Dr. Pascal attempts to go into the boy’s mind and find out the truth.

If the story seems complicated, I’d agree with you. Luckily, we have the stars of the film to try to explain what’s going on. In the above interview, Aaron Paul discusses why it’s so hard to really tell what’s up with his character, Sarah Gadon talks about molding real life with a boy’s fantasies, and Jamie Dornan says why his character took the case, and how he ended up so deep inside of it.


The 9th Life of Louis Drax is out in select theaters now, and will release in theaters everywhere tomorrow.

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