‘The Change Up’ Red Band Trailer & Poster Drops

So Jason Bateman plays a tired father that gets shit on when he changes the kid’s diapers. Ryan Reynolds is a handsome motherfucker that sleeps with women. Then they change bodies and hilarity ensues. No, quite literally – hilarity ensues in The Change-Up.

The trailer looks fairly decent. They go for some rough gags and Jason Bateman walks out in the end with, well, watch for yourself. It’s a simple premise that appears to have been well-executed and should definitely be one of the funnier comedies of the summer.

My only complaint is they fall for the terrible orange/blue color scheme in the poster and trailer, which is only the second worst to the fat red text on a white background prevalent in most comedy trailers.

The Change-Up swings into theaters on August 5.


Source: Cinema Blend