The Crazy Hint In ‘Tangled’ That You Definitely Missed

Get ready to say, “wait – what?!” because thanks to a super sleuth of a Tumblr user, Disney lovers have discovered just how close Rapunzel was to her parents all this time.

In the Disney animated movie Tangled, the King and Queen released lanterns into the sky every year since their precious daughter went missing. And every year on her birthday, far away from the royal castle that was her rightful home, Rapunzel watched from her tower, fantasizing about what the lanterns and what they could mean.

But when Rapunzel finally escapes from her tower thanks to the help of Flynn Ryder, she gets closer to the lanterns (and her long-lost parents!) than ever. In fact, during the scene in which she and Ryder are rowing the boat across the lake, she rescues a lantern from drowning.


Only, it’s not any lantern. It’s a distinguishable lantern with a unique design on it—the very one that the King and Queen let off into the night as the first lantern of the ritual.

How have we never noticed this before? As Tumblr user obesecamels points out, Disney is giving us a nod, letting us know that despite all the years this torn-apart family spent away from each other, they were always connected.


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