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The overt reason to see this weekend’s The Croods: the kids will eat up the animated, prehistoric thrill ride that teaches an important lesson about family.

The best reason to see this weekend’s The Croods: a serious dose of animated adorableness.

Animation is all about achieving the unachievable, creating worlds that can’t be constructed in any form of live-action reality. For some people, that means recreating long lost landscapes or whipping up action sequences that defy gravity. For others, that means designing animals with oversized eyes and a whimper with the exact sonic resonance to melt a human heart.

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The Croods fits into both categories, but we couldn’t help but hone in on the wonderfully weird ensemble of creatures that fill the world of the movie  specifically Belt, a sloth whose job it is actually to keep up the pants of cavemen. Dedicated, sweet, and rotund in that huggable sort of way, he joins the ranks of movie history’s most adorable cartoon animals.

What other members of the animal kingdom earn the title? Check out our gallery of the beasts who make us go “awwwww”:

The Croods Belt Adorable Cartoon Animals

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