‘The Crow’ Reboot Is Officially Happening! Is The Curse Broken?

the crow
Crowvision, Inc.

The Crow franchise has gone through some unfortunate things in the last 20 years — there were all those straight-to-DVD sequels, a stream of replacement actors and a major bankruptcy. When Relativity, the studio that owns the rights to the film, went bankrupt last year, we lost all hopes for a remake.

Thankfully, Relativity managed to bounce back and filming for The Crow reboot is a go! The filming will begin in January 2017.

According to The Wrap, Game of Thrones and Justice League actor Jason Momoa is reportedly taking on the role of Eric Draven, the gothy, undead avenger the story revolves around. He confirmed his casting on Instagram by posting a photo with director Colin Hardy. 

The Crow reboot will be a little bit different from the 1994 cult film. It will be adapted directly from the comic book, instead. The comic’s creator James O’Barr previously promised it’d be different from the original film.

“[We’re] not remaking the movie. We’re re-adapting the book,” he said.

The film will follow Eric Drave, who’s brutally murdered with his fiancee the night before their wedding. On the anniversary of their death, he comes back and seeks vengeance.

The Crow has been cursed with tragedy since before the remake was in the works. Brandon Lee, who played Eric Draven in the original film, was fatally wounded on set after a stunt gone wrong.

Let’s hope this new reboot breaks the curse because we’d all like to finally see the remake we’ve been waiting years for.

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