‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Adds ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Daniel Sunjata


Daniel SunjataNow that Christopher Nolan has fried all the big fish (not sure how that works when “fried” actually means hired, but whatever), he’s taking care of the smaller ones. He’s got Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt slotted for The Dark Knight Rises, and more recently he’s added Juno Temple and Josh Pence. We’ve got a pretty good idea of who their characters will be, but of course, since it’s a Nolan film, no one can really say for sure. Now, he’s filled another smaller, but “important” role with the help of Grey’s Anatomy’s Daniel Sunjata. You may also recognize him from FX’s Rescue Me. Soon you’ll recognize him from the last Nolan Batman movie, but we don’t know for what. Like we said, all we know is that he’s important to the story. Right, because Nolan always introduces extraneous characters, thanks for that newsflash, sources.

Source: /Film