‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Brings Franchise Vet Back

BATMAN*This is a spoiler. Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know a potentially huge piece of revealing information.*

Drew at Hitfix said it best: this is “a single puzzle piece, and we don’t have the lid of the box to look at to see how it fits into the larger picture.” But still, this is one hell of a cool puzzle piece: Liam Neeson filmed a scene for The Dark Knight Rises. Now we don’t know if it was for a flashback or a scene that takes place in the current franchise timeline, but Neeson was in front of the camera, presumably looking handsome, and probably saying a few lines. Awesome? I do think so.

While I’m not the biggest fan of retconning, it’d be interesting to see how Christopher Nolan manages to save Ra’s al Ghul considering it looked like he got blown to bits when the train crashed in Batman Begins. And I really like how realistic Nolan has kept Batman, so having some sort of supernatural answer would also feel pretty cheap. But oh well, I trust Nolan and more Neeson is always a good thing so I deem this worthy of excitement. Let it be known.

Source: Hitfix