‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to Film Around Occupy Wall Street Protests

The Dark KnightThose currently involved in the Occupy Wall Street protests would likely not be too keen on a Bruce Wayne type: a frivolous millionaire and owner of a conglomerate corporation, violating the privacy of his decaying city’s denizens with some top notch surveillance equipment, secretly working with the law to rule the town as he sees fit (at least that’s how some might spin it). However, would they, in turn, pass up a chance to appear in The Dark Knight Rises? Only the most principled, I’m sure…and even that tier would likely be hard pressed to shirk this opportunity.

As The Dark Knight Rises filming comes to New York City, the Los Angeles Times suggests that the OWS protests will serve as backdrop for scenes in the upcoming Batman movie.

It actually makes a lot of sense: Gotham is a corrupt town, filled with dissatisfied citizens—sooner or later, they’d be taking to the streets with picket signs. Wherever you stand on the issue, you’d be inclined to agree that the flavor of it all fits pretty well into the setting of The Dark Knight Rises. The only problem here is the prevalence of some recognizeable political figures at the rally. Although, I guess Jimmy McMillain could pass as a Batman villain…

The Dark Knight Rises production will arrive in New York on Oct. 29.

Source: Los Angeles Times