‘The Dark Tower’ To Start Filming Early 2012?

sad ron howardOh boy! Rumors about The Dark Tower! Granted, rumors from people who should know, but rumors are still worth about as much as their weight in gold.

Anyway, Ron Howard (he who’ll be sitting in the directors chair should this ever happen) has stated that even though production was halted and pushed back from its original September start date due to budgetary worries, the creative team is “thinking of” starting in early spring next year. Fantastic. At least they’re thinking about it. Much less thought has been given to much lesser films and a film series slash television series requires a lot of thinking to make it work. So good for Mr. Howard.

He also notes that Javier Bardem (the luckiest bastard in the world) hasn’t officially signed on to the project but has “a great deal of interest.” Methinks he won’t sign on because they don’t know when it will start. Just a guess though.

Source: /Film