‘The Dictator’ Looking At Faris, Wiig & Jacobs For Female Lead

Anna FarisI see what Sacha Baron Cohen is doing. He and director Larry Charles are approaching all the beautiful, funny women in Hollywood for the female lead in The Dictator. So far the frontrunners are SNL mainstay Kristen Wiig, so-cute-and-funny-it’s-not-even-fair Anna Farris and thoroughly excellent Gillian Jacobs from Community. The only way they could possibly make this list of potentials even better was if they included Cohen’s real-life wife Isla Fisher. But I’d imagine that would rack up some serious babysitting fees, so maybe not.

If you don’t recall, The Dictator finds Cohen as a brutal tyrant who gets lost in the US. He’ll also play a common goat herder. Jason Mantzoukas has been cast as his assistant/sidekick.

Of course, who they hire for the role will impact the film in a major way. Like Borat and Bruno, the entire thing will be heavily improvised, so the entire cast will have a big part in shaping the tone. But honestly, no matter who they pick the film will likely turn out awesome.

Source: Hollywood Reporter