What’s Up With Jesse Eisenberg’s Terrible Suit in this ‘The Double’ Teaser?

We get that teaser trailers are only supposed to hint at the plot of a film — Just enough to be enticing, but not enough to give anything away. But sometimes, all a teaser does is raise an overwhelming amount of confusion and questions. A new teaser trailer for Jesse Eisenberg‘s upcoming film The Double was released today and after watching it, well… we have no idea what this film is about. Sure, we know that Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska are in it. We know that there will be a lot of dramatic lighting, dimly-lit alleyways and a score that is reminiscent of Russian folk songs. We know that it’s supposedly based on the Dostoyevsky novel of the same name. But as for the plot? If we had to guess based solely on the teaser, we’d think it’s about Eisenberg’s character’s hopeless bewilderment of the ill-fitting nature of his beige suit. 

Since we’ve brought it up, let’s talk about that suit. Has there ever been another suit so ill-fitting in the history of cinema? Is the “Double” in the title a reference to the fact that Eisenberg’s suit seems to be double the size that it needs to be? Why does he have another suit on in certains scenes that appears to actually fit him, but in reality is just as weirdly baggy and awkward as the beige one? Who did the costuming for this film? Were they aware when they chose this suit that it would distract the viewers, consuming their minds and slowly torturing them, until they decided they had to see this movie, if only to find out why this suit is so terrible? Is it a plot device? Will it be part of some major twist at the end of the film? Is it possible for a suit to be nominated for an Oscar? Because it’s clearly stealing every scene it’s in. Finally, who wears an oatmeal-colored shirt with a beige suit? Surely, you’d use that blank canvas as an opportunity to go wild with a shirt selection. Throw on some color, experiment with a print. Don’t just let yourself be swallowed by beige. 

The Double, TrailerTotal Film/YouTube

It’s very likely that we’re focusing on the wrong things here, but in our defense, that suit is so distractingly bad. It’s somehow both too big and too small, completely uninteresting and yet totally mesmerizing – that it’s hard for us to focus on silly things like plot or cast or setting. We’re not sure if the suit will even have any relevance to the actual plot of the film, but one thing’s for certain: we’re definitely going to see this movie now. Although, it’s directed by Richard Ayoade so we were going to see it regardless. And since we wouldn’t put it past him to direct a film that’s all about an ill-fitting suit, there’s a good chance that our insane theory about the plot may turn out to be correct. 

Check out the teaser above to see if you can guess what the film is about, and catch The Double when it’s released on April 4 to get some answers.