‘End of Love’ Proves Love Is Scary, But Snakes Are Scarier — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

The End of Love

In The End of Love, the Mark Webber-directed film with a script by Mark Webber in which Mark Webber plays Mark Webber, we meet Mark Webber. Mark’s a single dad whose stunted maturity, earnest nature, good heart, and bravery in the face of snakes make us root for him to prevail in his quest of life. Specifically, the raising of his young son Isaac and a possible romantic endeavor with new neighbor Lydia (Shannyn Sossamon). A charming early union of the duo, steeped in a bleak, heavy-hearted veneer, is seen in the below exclusive clip from the 2012 Sundance debut:

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Perhaps the most interesting thing about what looks to be an honest, plausibly painful slice of life, are the character names. Along with Scott Pilgrim supporting player Webber, we have the likes of Alia Shawkat, Michael Cera, Amanda SeyfriedAubrey Plaza, Jason Ritter, Jake Johnson, Sarah Ramos, and Michael Bacall, among others, all playing versions of themselves in the quaint story.

The End of Love is currently on VOD and opens in limited theaters today, March 1.

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[Photo Credit: Variance Films]

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