‘The Expatriate’ To Star Aaron Eckhart

Aaron EckhartAaron Eckhart is a handsome man. I believe that statement can be made with little opposition. I mean, just look at that jaw line! That makes a man handsome, right? And the dimple in the chin. Pretty sure that gives men like an automatic additional three handsome points. Probably four. And that’s not because I might have a dimple in my chin as well. I’m just sticking up for my fellow dimple chinners. We have a club. And yes, Eckhart is our president. And mascot. And the only other member beside myself, Viggo Mortensen, and the late (and by “late” I mean never on time) Kirk Douglas.

Anyway, sorry for that random tangent. Eckhart has just been cast as an ex-CIA agent who has to go on the run in The Expatriate. He is hired to be a security consultant for this major corporation in Belgium, but then one day he shows up to work and everything and everybody is gone. Except his assistant. Who is actually a trained assassin, hired to take him down. Typical Monday morning stuff. So he goes on the run with his daughter and they have some tense moments as she comes to grips with her learning the truth about her father’s actual job.

I’m thinking this could be a sleeper hit. Why? For one, Eckhart is a great actor and the story sounds exciting. For two, the director attached at the moment is Philipp Stolzl and he once directed a music video that was banned because it could be considered as Nazi Propaganda. Sounds like a great combination to me.

Source: Deadline