‘The Expendables 2’ Seeks Nic Cage, Taylor Lautner, Christian Slater and Christopher Lambert

By the fourth Expendables movie, every living actor will have been cast at some point in the franchise. The 2010 action surprise grabbed every staple of the genre, and next year’s sequel aims to bolster the resume. Several actors are being sought for parts in The Expendables 2, all at least somewhat affiliated with the whole guns/screaming/explosions thing.

The most understandable of the choices is Nicolas Cage: the biggest name, and certainly no stranger to the death-defying theme. The young Taylor Lautner is a more interesting grab, although his upcoming Abduction might solidify him as an action-thriller hero-to-be. Christian Slater has had perhaps the least actiony resume, but is the kind of star you’re not too surprised to be sought (and reached) for a recognizeability-based role. And finally, Christopher Lambert, who has had more than his share of fisticuffs and arms-battles.

So who among this ruffian roundup will assemble for The Expendables 2? And how will this movie measure up to its predecessor? Can these, or any other prospective new heroes, match up to the fury of the original team?

Click the Lautner pic to watch a Behind the Scenes Featurette for Abduction.


Source: Indiewire