The Five Best Trailers of 2010

Trailers these days: They’re as important as ever to a movie’s prerelease buzz. Simply unveiling a teaser trailer on the Internet can cause a stir and serve as a priceless marketing tool for studios — all of which ultimately translates to a genuinely entertaining advertisement medium for us moviegoers. While 2010 didn’t quite boast a trailer masterpiece for the ages (a.k.a. There Will Be Blood’s trailer), there were plenty of amazing coming attractions. Here are our five favorites.


The perfect trailer. Before almost everyone in the universe lined up to see Inception, we were all no less than spellbound by its trailer — even as it hijacked almost every single commercial break in the run-up to the movie’s release. Even if the intriguing but vague premise was all we saw, our interest would’ve been piqued (of course, the involvement of Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan didn’t hurt), but … good God, those teased special effects. If there was such a thing as a water-cooler trailer in 2010, Inception’s was it.