‘The Flash’ And ‘Green Lantern 2′ Script Updates

Fat FlashHere’s the thing that is bothering me about Green Lantern and the news today about the script development of its sequel and the new The Flash movie: the involvement of Greg Berlanti.

He’s worked as a writer on Green Lantern and its sequel. He’s credited with creating the story for The Flash along with the other two writers from Green Lantern (he’s not doing the actual writing, the other two are). And Green Lantern is getting a lot of great buzz these days, even for its story. He’s also the creator of the new show, No Ordinary Family, which isn’t the worst show that debuted this year but its also not the best.

That all sounds really great. He seems like the kind of guy you want working on a super hero movie. But he also directed last week’s debut Life As We Know It. Yep, the Katherine Heigel movie. With the baby. And the dead parents. And no super powers. That doesn’t exactly give the best hope for tent-pole super hero movies. But who knows, maybe the guy needed to redo the kitchen so he made that movie. His true passion is super heroes and he directs crappy rom-coms on the side because he has an expensive taste in the ladies, I don’t know. It could happen.

Anyway, the scribes are almost done with the script for The Flash and the treatment of the Green Lantern sequel. They have a deadline of Christmas and considering the fact that I once wrote a 30 page research paper of the effects of the Guatemalan trade routes of the early 19th century on its indigenous people in one night and only using Wikipedia for reference (thanks Red Bull!), I think they have plenty of time.

Source: Deadline