The Great Dan Aykroyd Joins the Promising Cast of ‘Dog Fight’

Dan AykroydDog Fight‘s plot is becoming less and less important. Sure, political satire is a fertile ground for comedy—and I do think both stars Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are stylistically suited for something in this realm. But really, I don’t care what the movie is about anymore.

This is not to discount the project; quite the contrary. I know that I am going to enjoy this movie, regardless of its plot, of its script, of whether or not it is shot entirely on an old flip phone’s thirty-second video camera and is set to be distributed as such. So what’s the big sell? The cast. Dog Fight is accumulating a cast of comic dynamite. The latest addition: Dan Aykroyd.

Dan Aykroyd is so funny that he has remained relevant despite an irritatingly spelled last name. Dan Aykroyd is so funny that he got away with calling Jane Curtin an “ignorant slut” in a time when saying “ignorant slut” was not the small-talk staple that it is today. Dan Aykroyd is so funny that even in a cast that includes John Lithgow, Brian Cox, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte, I’d point out Dan Aykroyd and say, “Oh, that guy’s funny.”

So, Dog Fight, don’t waste any money on developing any other aspect of your movie. Just roll camera on Aykroyd, Lithgow and co, and expect humor to prevail. It will. I’d bet my finest bottle of Crystal Head Vodka on it.

Source: Indiewire