‘The Grey’ Blu-ray: Neeson Start the Fire (It Was Always Burning…) — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

ALT Anyone who has ever tried to light a cigarette on a windy night will be able to relate to the below exclusive clip from The Grey Blu-ray. But now imagine that the cigarette is the only thing that will keep you from literally freezing to death. And that Liam Neeson is waiting with decreasing patience for you to save your life, his life, and the lives of everyone else in your group of plane crash survivors. And there are wolves around. It kind of ups the ante on the severity of the whole thing, doesn’t it?

The below clip comes straight from the Blu-ray of the exciting 2012 thriller The Grey. Neeson stars as the de facto leader of a group of men who survive after their plane crashes in the Arctic. The men are charged with survival against the forces of the cold, starvation, and some very special wolves. Check out the clip below.

The Grey comes out on Blu-ray Tueday, May 15.


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[Image Credit: Open Road Films]