‘The Hangover’ Gang Locked Into Deals for Sequel

The HangoverFollowing protracted negotiations, the Hangover folks have completed talks for a sequel and are ready to sign deals, reports Deadline.com.

Zach GalifianakisBradley Cooper and Ed Helms will each be paid in the vicinity of $5 million against 4% of first dollar gross, says the Web site. Director/producer Todd Phillips will be paid around $10 million against 10%.

For Phillips, there are also escalators and bonuses that ensure if the sequel does anywhere close to the original’s $467 million worldwide gross, he will not make less than his income on the original. 

The Hangover 2 was a difficult deal to put together, however. Deadline says it was a perfect storm of leverage: the three stars made less than $1 million collectively on a film that became Hollywood’s biggest-grossing R-rated comedy ever.

They did not have options locking them into a sequel, but they did have teams of managers, agents and attorneys who negotiated together.

Warners didn’t make option deals with the cast because the studio never envisioned the picture would become a juggernaut that begged for an encore.

Cooper made slightly more than Helms and Galifianakis, but none made more than $300,000 to star in the original, says Deadline.

An October start on the sequel is considered likely if Helms can work things out with his NBC series The Office.

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