‘The Hauntrepreneur’ Coming From Paramount

michael bayWhen the title of a movie makes you groan in abject embarrassment for everyone involved in the production, it might not be so good.

With that introduction, let me tell you about The Hauntrepreneur, the newest film picked up by Paramount Pictures from Michael Bay’s production company Platinum Dunes. Yep, we’ve got Michael Bay and a horrible pun title. This should be fantastic. It follows a family that hires a “hauntrepreneur” to make them a haunted house so they can fit into the new town they move too. Because everyone wants to hang out with the new family with the haunted house. It really worked out well for Casper.

Scott Rosenberg, the writer responsible for action flicks like Con Air and Gone In Sixty Seconds, penned the spec script that got Paramount all hot and bothered. It’s said to evoke a tone similar to that of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which turns me off completely.

Source: Hollywood Reporter