‘The Heat’ Guide to Law Enforcement: How Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy Ditch the Rulebook

The Heat, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy‘s buddy-cop comedy directed by Bridemaids mastermind Paul Feig, features a lot of illicit behavior. And not all of it comes from the criminals! Bullock’s FBI Agent and McCarthy’s Boston beat cop not only ditch the rulebook to get their collars, they throw it in a suspect’s face — and that’s not a figure of speech. Not since the heyday of McBain has the line between cop and criminal been so murky. Here’a A Guide to Law Enforcement, courtesy of lessons learned in The Heat.

1. Run Over Perps With Your Car

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Because this isn’t police brutality, reckless endangerment, or road rage.

2. Accessorize Your Uniform With Bandannas and Fingerless Gloves

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Okay, this looks cool, but we’re pretty sure it’s not regulation. Then again, Serpico’s beard probably wasn’t either.

3. Dangle a Suspect over a Fire Escape Ledge to Make Him Talk

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Since when did “enhanced interrogation” tactics become adopted by the Boston PD? Or is that a rhetorical question?

4. If That Doesn’t Work, Literally Throw a Book at a Suspect

Credit: 20th Century Fox

I really do wish Detective Mullins afterward had said McBain-style, “Bye, book!”

5. Point a Gun at a Nurse to Avoid a Hospital’s “No Cellphones” Rule

 Credit: 20th Century Fox

So I guess we’ve all decided to agree once again that the idea of someone pointing a gun at a helpful civilian is funny. At least until the next mass shooting.

6. Use Hand Grenades to Take Down Perps

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Interesting no one’s questioned the use of explosives by the “good guys” in a story set in Boston. But it’s an exploitation-film homage, so I guess it’s all good.

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