The Horrible Voice In ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ Video Interview


Florence Foster Jenkins was an actual person who, many claim, is the worst singer ever.


Florence was an accomplished pianist who because of health reasons could no longer play. She came from a rich family and after she “terminated” her relationship with her husband after contracting syphilis. She started a long-term relationship with St. Clair Bayfield (Grant). After her father died, she came into money and wanted to start a singing career. The only problem is, she was awful. The family got Cosme McMoon to play piano and try to help her, but it didn’t help much. Florence didn’t care and just wanted to perform, and would eventually find herself performing in Carnegie Hall.

Now, I’m not a good singer, I know this, so I don’t sing (unless it’s karaoke sometimes). What’s Florence’s excuse? In the above interview, Hugh Grant recalls the first time he had “the pleasure” of hearing the recordings of Mrs. Jenkins, Simon Helberg explains her thought process as well as why people went to go see her, Meryl Streep explains how she approached the role.


Florence Foster Jenkins releases tomorrow, August 12, 2016.