‘The Host’: Stephanie Meyer Puts an Eclipse in Saoirse Ronan’s Eye — POSTER

In the world of The Host, the film adaptation of the novel by Stephanie Meyers (author of The Twilight Saga), if you’ve got a ring in your eye, you’re trouble. It’s not just an astigmatism. The new poster for the movie showcases the inherent qualms in ocuringatosis, something that signifies an alien species controlling your every move — a pandemic that overtakes the entire planet Earth.

The trailer for The Host came out at the end of March, presenting a futuristic society with a worldwide absence of war and injustice. However, there is bound to be a catch to the whole “everyone on the planet is possessed” thing. They probably wouldn’t make a movie about it if there wasn’t.

The Host stars Saoirse Ronan (Hanna), and will come to theaters in 2013.



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