Brooke Shields Has Her Own Female ‘Expendables’ in ‘The Hot Flashes’ Trailer

The trailer for The Hot Flashes disproves the old saying, “You can’t repeat the past.” Brooke Shields stars as Beth Humphrey alongside veteran actors Daryl Hannah, Eric Roberts and Wanda Sykes in the upcoming comedy flick.

The Hot Flashes tells the tale of Beth Humphrey going into panic mode as she comes to terms with the fact she’s aging. So, how does Humphrey cope with her mid-age crisis? Like any other woman- she rounds up her ancient basketball team from high school to hit the court once more for a charity event. Kind of like The Expendables, only with much, much lower stakes.

Yes, it is amusing watching a handful of middle aged women take on a basketball team thirty years younger. But The Hot Flashes looks like a step in the wrong direction for Brooke Shields’ career… and I’m not loving her  southern accent.

To relive the glory days, check out The Hot Flashes when it bounces into theaters July 12th. 

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