The ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Panem Travel Guide

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As the Quarter Quell draws near, The Capitol feels that its citizens should experience the wondrous continent in all its glory. That’s why were sending all of our citizens on a mandatory (not going is punishable by death) tour of all of the districts. In this travel guide, we will point out the sights and sounds of the districts that help the Capitol remain the best place to live in Panem! But don’t wander from the tour (also punishable by death) or take any unauthorized photos (yep, death). Most of all, don’t forget to have fun, but not too much fun (take a guess).

District 1
In this District, all of the Capitol’s lovely luxury items are produced! So if you wondered where the lovely gems in your diamond brooch came from, that orphan over there probably dug ’em out of that mine. Here, they name their children fancy things like “Gloss” and “Glimmer.” Aww, it’s like they actually have money. It’s so cute how the lowly district mind thinks. This “career district” takes pride in training its children to compete as tributes in the Hunger Games. They are committed to sending only their best children to slaughter for our entertainment. How wonderfully loyal.

Distict 2
District 2 is the center of Panem’s weapon manufacture. This district also trains our nation’s peacekeeping force to protect and serve not only the Capitol but the districts as well… and sometimes protecting and serving involves public whippings. You know, for peace. This is also a “career district,” which means District 2 often offers several legitimate contenders for the Hunger Games. Keep your eyes peeled because you might see a future victor during your time here — or a future unmarked grave, it’s kinda hard to tell right now.

District 3
District 3 helps to engineer all of the wondrous gadgets and gizmos that make your day a little brighter. You can take tours of factories and get an inside look at all of the little child laborers that make the Capitol’s most advanced trinkets buzz to life. The citizens of this district are well-versed in manufacturing and engineering.

District 4
District 4 is another wealthy district (relatively speaking of course — ha ha ha, poor people). The main trade of District 4 is fishing. It’s also the home district of lovely victor-turned-socialite Finnick Odair. We even kicked out his few living relatives to turn his childhood home into a museum dedicated to the young man, because the Capitol cares about history and preservation.

District 5
District 5 is the engine that keeps Panem running. This district maintains Panem’s sprawling power grid, and diverts the power to each district and the Capitol (… mostly the Capitol). This district doesn’t have all that much success in the Hunger Games but they always give a spirited performance. You can thank them for the energy that powers the traditional yacht every citizen of the Capitol receives on his fifth birthday.

District 6
This District’s main industry is transportation. They help build the infrastructure that our trains, planes, and automobiles rely on. Unfortunately the people in this district are susceptible to the crippling disease of addiction. It’s sad that such weak minded persons can’t resist the temptation of drugs. Too bad they can’t live cleanly and healthily like those of us in the Capitol. Why don’t they just go on a juice cleanse or something? It’s not that hard.

District 7
District 7 is one of the poorer districts in Panem, but they have a job of great importance. The area surrounding the district is blessed with forest filled with the sprawling oaks and spruces that go into making the Capitol’s finest furniture, houses, and other wooden comforts. Lumbering is of course dangerous, but the proud inhabitants of District 7 are more than proud to give up a finger or two for your pleasure.

District 8
This heavily industrialized district manufactures the clothing and textiles in the Capitol. Silks, cottons, satins, and wools that go into the garb of successful Capitol citizens are all made here. These people are so singularly focused on delivering the best fabrics to your doorstep that there is hardly any grass, trees, or any natural beauty to distract them. How dedicated!

District 9
District 9 is responsible for growing grain. This is where delectable baked goods like croissants, cupcakes, and cookies begin their lives. You know, I’m not sure if these people even know what a cookie is, ha! This district is also full of grain-processing factories as well as large stretches of wheat fields.

District 10
Here in District 10 is where all of the livestock of Panem is produced. From milk to chicken to beef, this is where all the food of the well-fed Capitol is produced. It may be difficult to tell the animals from the people in this district, but if you squint, you can just make who is who. They all just look like cows to me! We’ve actually cut cost by feeding the livestock and the people of Distict 10 the same food. See, the Capitol is always interested in passing on the savings to you. 

District 11
Distirct 11 is Panem’s garden. This is where the fabulous produce that lines the shelves at the Capitol’s mega marts is grown. Here, the district is surrounded with plump orchards and fields that feed the Capitol’s gourmet tastes. Yum! Workers hum uplifting songs while they pick the finest fruits for your consumption. Don’t fret over the workers, they can’t eat any of your food. They’re happy with scraps. This is also the district of Rue, the little cutie tribute from last year’s games. Aww. Her death was definitely in our top 10 Hunger Games moments of last year. Such great entertainment!

District 12
Now this is a big one. You might have only been vaguely aware of this district’s existence before last year’s Hunger Games, but that has certainly changed now. Here are the humble beginnings of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, tragic lovers and the winners of the historic 74th Hunger Games. In this district, the citizens mine the coal that helps heat the homes of the Capitol . Here you can visit Peeta’s bakery and regale his parents with your favorite moments from his near death experience in last year’s Hunger Games. Don’t buy anything from here, though, because their cakes are made with nasty District 12 flour. Just stare at them and take pictures. It’s like meeting celebrities! Dirty, poor celebrities.