Ranking ‘The Hunger Games’ Wildlife in Order of Danger!

Ranking ‘The Hunger Games’ Wildlife in Order of Danger!

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Hunger Games: Catching Fire, birdsThe Hunger Games/YouTube

For those who don’t know: An unintended hybrid of natural mocking birds and the government’s genetically engineered jabberjays. They serve no harm to the human race and, instead, prove as a symbol of rebellion for those who oppose the Capitol.
Danger rating: Friends of the common man! A rare non-dangerous animal in Panem. (1)

For those who don’t know: 
They are genetically engineered butterflies with sharp, potentially lethal stingers.
Danger rating: Yes, they can kill you… but come on, you can handle a butterfly. They flutter, for goodness’ sake! Just walk briskly and you’re fine. (3)

For those who don’t know: 
They are a special breed of mimicking bird engineered to spy on Hunger Games competitors and report their actions and conversations back to the Capitol. Not physically dangerous, but quite a hazard for anyone who values his or her privacy against a tyrannical, murderous government.
Danger rating: If you know how to outsmart one, you’re in the clear. But if you don’t have a keen eye, these birds might be your undoing. (4)

For those who don’t know:
 They are sharp-billed descendants of the flamingo with a knack for piercing the epidermis.
Danger rating: They don’t show up too much in the Hunger Games, but when they do, it’s not a particularly pleasant ordeal. (4.5)

For those who don’t know:
 They are carnivorous tree rodents who’ll devour a Hunger Games tribute alive.
Danger rating: Don’t let the fluffiness fool you! (5)

For those who don’t know:
 They’re wolves. Wolves with the DNA (and eyes!) of dead people. That’s just disturbing.
Danger rating: They’re gigantic, vindictive, and potentially haunted by the restless souls of the dead. So… bad news. (7)

For those who don’t know:
 They’re a pretty nasty breed of zombie rodent that infests the streets of Panem.
Danger rating: In truth, they might not be as big a threat as the wolf mutts. But tack the phrase “flesh-eating” on something and it automatically bumps it up a few degrees of terror. (7.5)

For those who don’t know:
They’re above and beyond your ordinary pesky mosquito, overtaking and feasting on their victims in a buzzing, petrifying cloud.
Danger rating:
 Death by bugs? That’s a plague-worthy horror. (8)

For those who don’t know: They’re monkeys. Wrathful monkeys with sharp talons that can induce internal bleeding. So, not the fun kind (like Marcel from Friends). The bad kind (like Mighty Joe Young, or Marcel from Friends in that episode where he wouldn’t listen to Ross).
Danger rating: Internal bleeding is, far and away, the worst kind of bleeding. Way worse than external bleeding. (8.5)

For those who don’t know: They’re humanoid reptiles with the ability to scuttle along on all fours or walk upright, attacking with brute force and deadly venom anyone who gets in their way. 
Danger rating: The cold blood that courses through their mutated veins makes them an even more treacherous force than their simian brethren. (9)

For those who don’t know: We’re not even sure what this thing is, but Katniss watched it take down a fellow tribute.
Danger rating: The Sasquatch factor gives it a point boost. Also, its proclivity for murder. (9.5)

For those who don’t know: They’re the worst. Vindictive bees with a sting that is not only lethal, but that also induces traumatic hallucinations.  
Danger rating: If you consider the degradation of the living mind even more horrifying than death (which we do), then we give these pests the top rating. (10)