‘The Killing’ Star Mireille Enos Joins ‘Gangster Squad’

Mireille EnosIt doesn’t matter what the Gangster Squad news is anymore–YOU’RE EXCITED. That’s not to say that the inclusion of The Killing’s Mireille Enos isn’t intrinsically good news; it is. The point is, this movie is so awesome, it’s threatening.

I’ve nearly recovered from the film’s loss of the tundra of thespianity that is Bryan Cranston (although Robert Patrick is not a disappointing replacement), so I’m ready to embrace the movie’s pronounced wonder once more.

Enos will play the wife of Josh Brolin’s police officer character, which means whatever children they have will be unstoppable forces. Brolin’s character will be in the minority as an honest cop, untapped by the all-encompassing influence of Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn. Brolin will be part of the Gangster Squad bent on defeating Cohen; if cinematic tradition holds true, I’d predict that Brolin’s dedication to his mission might put a strain on his marriage to Enos.

It seems like this film has an endless supply of characters, with one available for each of the best contemporary actors. I’m still not totally over the leave of BC, but I’ve yet to hear an addition to this movie’s cast with which I had any problem. No matter what, this movie will soar.

Source: Hollywood Reporter