‘The Lone Ranger’ Joins the Ranks of Reboots: Is It One of the Best or Worst?

Credit: Peter Mountain/Walt Disney

While today’s youngsters might only know the Lone Ranger as a masked Armie Hammer, the older and wiser generations will remember the character’s time on the small screen, and perhaps even on radio. The Lone Ranger has been a piece of Americana for decades, iconic for his do-gooder mentality, his company with the musical stylings of William Tell, and his signature catchphrase: “Hi-yo, Silver, away!” So, with such a long and familiar history, can we expect Gore Verbinsky’s new film adaptation to prove a successful reboot attempt?

Many old shows and movies have been given the remake treatment in this particularly nostalgic era, with some of the updated forms representing true glory, and others a grumbling question about why they even bothered. Check out our list of 12 of the best (and worst) big and small screen reboots, and decide for yourself where The Lone Ranger stands in this category.

The Best (and Worst) TV and Movie Reboots

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